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Discussion Question 1: Experimental and Non-experimental Design

Research is typically experimental or non-experiment in design. It is important for the investigator to know the difference.
Give an example of a question you would attempt
to answer using experimental design and one using non-experimental
design. Design two research questions. Write one for an experimental
design, and one for a non-experimental design. What makes each research
design question different from the other? Review the criteria for
each.Discussion Question 2: Evaluating a Survey

Survey research is as it suggests, asking questions of
participants and measuring the results. The survey types are many, but
the evaluation of the survey tools is very similar. Download the World
Health Survey of the World Health Organization’s Short Version:
Individual Questionnaire: Rotation A of World Health Survey of the World
Health Organization.
Click here to read the survey carefully and respond to the following:

What are your impressions of the survey items and the level of
understanding needed to administer the survey? Pretend you are the
What is your opinion of the survey in terms of understanding the
questions, the types of questions, and the level of personal
information shared? Pretend you are the respondent.
What is the face validity of the survey?
What would you change to improve the quality of data collected? Explain your reasons.

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