My chosen topic is Special Education and Learning disabilities. My two questions are:

  • Can teachers properly set expectations for students without causing them to be overwhelmed?
  • How dies standardized tests properly demonstrate learning behaviors among students with disabilities. 

For both questions, I found that exploring them through both the social science lens and historical lens would be more suitable. I was able to quickly find resources that contributed to the questions, based on those resources, and many of the keywords were also relative. 

For example, in the resource I found pertaining to the historical lens, the information discussed how a history of neurological trauma could cause learning disabilities and potentially affect individuals long-term. I found this useful especially toward the question regarding standardized testing among students. I think that if students have gradually experienced neurological issues that can cause learning curves, it could also affect the way they retain information and how they are being observed by teachers. 

Both lenses have offered additional insight and support into my topic, because I have found interesting articles that demonstrate a different perspective of how detrimental learning disabilities can be, and the complexities that many teachers experience in trying to educate students with disabilities.