This is a 2-part discussion post.

Part 1:

A Forbes article (Links to an external site.) calls the Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson an authentic leader and applauded his video about the business back in March. Click HERE (Links to an external site.) to watch the video. After watching the video, provide your thoughts to the following questions.

How well does Sorenson balance emotional appeal, logic, and credibility in this message?

In addition to authenticity, what other leadership character dimensions does Sorenson demonstrate?

Part 2: You will work on your granting claims writing skills and peer review each other’s responses.

Your company sells flower arrangements and gift baskets. Holidays are always a rush, and the overworked staff makes the occasional mistake. Last week, somebody made a big one. As a furious email message from a customer named Anders Ellison explains, he ordered a Valentine’s Day bouquet for his wife, but the company sent a bereavement arrangement instead. Your task: Create a response to Ellison’s email message, apologizing for the error, and granting any other refunds or arrangements you see fit to fix the situation.