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The human brain is a complex organ that can allow people to think both consciously and unconsciously. The following scenario explores how consciousness can be altered by drugs. For this Discussion Board, explain what is happening biologically and what interventions would be necessary to help the individual.Scenario: Amy is a 24-year-old single parent to her 5-year-old daughter, Jennifer. Amy’s husband, Barry, recently passed away from a drug overdose. After Barry’s passing, Amy’s mother offered to allow Amy and Jennifer to live with her until Amy gets back on her feet. Since Barry’s passing, Amy has increased the number of pills she takes without consulting her doctor because she feels it is a way to cope with the loss of her husband. Last month, Amy was hospitalized because she passed out at a local bar from combining her Oxycodone with a large amount of alcohol. Although the hospital staff warned her that alcohol and Oxycodone can be a deadly combination, she continues to use both substances. Based on this scenario, please answer the following questions:Take a stance on whether you believe Amy is addicted or not addicted to drugs. Please make sure to include information from the scenario to support your stance.  If Amy was addicted to drugs, what part of Amy’s brain would be affected by the drug abuse? Explain specifically how the functioning of the brain is impaired by drug abuse. Why does Amy continue to use drugs? Assignment Format:400-600 words written as an essay  Typed and double-spaced, Times New Roman (12-point font), and 1-inch margins  Proofread for spelling and grammatical errors  Incorporated at least 1 outside resource and cited your sources following APA format 

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