Skilled writers are also skilled readers, reading often and carefully. To support this goal, students must select one full-length, published novel to read, annotate, and build into a formal, persuasive essay. Fiction is recommended but non-fiction is also acceptable. Projects must also review more than two other scholars’ views (secondary texts) of the novel (primary text) and focus on your own arguments regarding why the novel is important. Audience: Your audience for this project can be all or some of these populations: 1. All readers in an English-speaking college atmosphere (undergrads, grad students,  teachers, administrators)2. All readers of Global English .  Instruction – length: 4 pages .Finish the book. Polish the content you have developed so far in previous drafts. Include two or more secondary sources in your draft .Include detailed and revised in-text citations, from at least three areas of the book that seem most relevant and worthy of your own creative analysis.