Do aliens really exist? It could be true or false. Everybody knows that space is a big universe, full with many unknown cre¤ture and objects that people have never seen before. In order to gain more knowledge about space, scientists spend a lot of money on research. The money we spend on space exploration should be giving people many beneficial factors in return, but it only gives people problems to solve. Searching for unrealistic things can be a real waste of time. The government should concentrate on things that are more important and less dangerous than space xploration.
Space exploration is not important and dangerous because the humans can damages the original form of space, giving people new diseases, and wasting important money. After people change the order of space, it can never be undone again. The natural form of the space will be gone forever. That is why exploring space is not a good decision. “Weather mistreatment or suffer ever demand we may place on it” (Source E). Humans try to expand their presence into space like on Earth. The human presence caused extinction, unusual weather and soil erosion.
These kind of results may happen in space too if human presence were to expand on space. But if the people reverent the way space is and leave the planets alone where we found them then nothing will worsen. The scientists that want to know more about space may be willing to do any necessary steps to get the information they wanted. New, living organism is found on earth. The astronauts that went to space, may have brought new diseases to Earth. These infectious germs may cause millions of death. “The hazard that some infectious extraterrestrial germ might be riding with hem” (Source F).

Space is filled with living organism that people never knew it ever existed. “Because extraterrestrial life may exist, planetary exploration could bring trouble if people are not careful enough” (Source F). Even though the scientists had sterilized the hardware that used in spaced and the samples that astronauts got from there, everybody should still be cautious about it. Everyone should pay attention on how the taxpayers’ money been spend. “All others, $0. 06….. including….. space and technology’ (Source F) A part of the taxpayers oney was spent on space exploration, which is a total waste of money.
The money that had been waste on space exploration could be spent on things that could benefit the people and earth. For example, the money could be spending on Medicare programs. Many people need Medicare to cover their hospital fee. Since many people in the world need medicine to cure their illness. Another choice could be, investing the money into the NIH (National Institutes of Health). “NIH scientists investigate ways to prevent disease as well as the cause, treatments, and even cures for common and are disease” (Source D) Health is more important than space. Don’t tell me about all the spin-off Technology….. Leave the money here on Earth. ” (Source H). The government has more important things to focus on, other than space exploration. Investing into space exploration is not a good choice. Since space is involved with problems that we can never solve or maybe it will causes a huge ruckus space. Space is full of disastrous things and surprise that you can never imagine that it ever exists. If alien really do exist it is not as important/interesting as what happening on Earth.

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