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1. What would you use to sharpen a pencil? (1 point)el sacapuntasel escritoriola papelerala pantalla2. What would you look at to tell the time? (1 point)el relojla banderael tecladola puerta3. Which of these would you sit in to study? (1 point)el ratónla ventanael cartella silla4. What is most likely the reason that Spanish-speaking students in Costa Rica, México, and Argentina all learn a second language in school? (1 point)Spanish is a common language.Spanish is not understood by many people.It is important to be able to communicate in more than one language.English provides more clarity than does Spanish.5. What was the main reason that the Mexican government created Telesecundaria? (1 point)to provide inexpensive, enjoyable television showsto provide education in rural areasto teach people how to grow successful gardensto encourage young adults to choose the teaching profession

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