Your assignment this week has two parts:Remember to submit your Essay Assignment to the dropbox following the file naming convention FirstInitial.LastName_M01.docx. For example, J.Smith_M01.docx. Remember that it is not necessary to manually type in the file extension; it will automatically append.Start by reading and following these instructions:Essay Assignment: Answer all of the following questions using headers to separate topics. Plan Ahead!Class Project Presentation – Weekly Expectations:This course requires you to write a class project paper and produce an overview presentation (with a screencast) in the final module. To guide you through the process, you will be asked most weeks to produce a project status report presentation using a “.pptx” type file and submit it in the Assignment Dropbox. The weekly Class Project submission will be ungraded, but the final presentation in Week 8 is graded and includes points for the weekly Class Project submissions.This presentation is designed to showcase the progress you are making on your project and to provide you practice creating effective presentations with slides that are useful both during the presentation, as well as after the presentation. (You will find references to various tools you might consider using to help you capture, edit, and produce your presentation, inside of the Resource Tab in the content window.)The grade for the project and your all of your status reports will be given in the final module. By module 5, you are expected to submit three deliverables to the dropbox: 1) the Essay .docx, 2) the Status Report .pptx, 3) and a screencast in a .mov, .wmv, or .mp4 format. You may submit screencasts earlier in order to practice and develop your skills.  If you do, you will received feedback on your status report presentation screencast along with the feedback on the .docx and the .pptx documents.

The following are the key steps in your project in the timeline and preparation of your project:Week 1: Problem Identification and Justification – What is your project, why is it relevant to this class, and why is it important to you?Week 2: Potential References and Sources – What references and information sources will you be drawing from to help you with your project and why are these relevant?Week 3: Annotated Bibliography – Expand Weeks 2’s presentation with a short summary of the key points from each reference and source and expand the list if you see the need.Week 4: Key Points – Identify the key points you plan to make and support in your paper and link them back to the annotated bibliography.Week 5: Initial Outline – Produce a top-level outline following the standard protocols for a paper to show both what is to be covered, as well as the flow.(You must include a screencast presentation by this week.)Week 6: Expanded Outline – Produce a refined and expanded outline that take each outline point and expands it to at least two new levels of detail.Week 7: Draft Paper – Refine the expanded outline into a draft paper.Week 8: Final Paper and Oral PresentationThis week, you need to select a problem that is relevant to the course and to you personally. From the material provided here, from insights obtained from your reading and research, and interactions you may have had in the Discussion Forum and/or directly with your instructor, you need to select an issue or a problem that will be at the heart of this project. You are *not* required to solve the problem or the issue as that may be well beyond your control given this course has a short duration. Ideally, you will produce a well-document solution proposal and recommendation for your selected problem. For other students, it would be beneficial to their employers and others to advance the effort, even if that just means clarifying the issues, getting agreement on constraints, proposing a strategy, and suggesting various paths forward. The paper should be targeted to people at your level and at those who manage and supervise you.The goal for this week’s project status report submission is to find a problem that is relevant for the course and meaningful to you; have you explain the relevance and meaningfulness; and conclude with your rationale why you believe you can accomplish something useful in just a few more weeks without overloading yourself or detracting from the effort required to do the rest of the course work. You are expected to spend roughly two hours on this task, including writing the short status report PowerPoint, and possibly recording the screencast. (The first couple of times you try to produce a screencast, it may take longer, but the time will come down with practice. You are encouraged to start experimenting with capturing a screencast with this first assignment, but it is not required. You will be required to provide a screencast in Module 5, so why not practice now.)