Writing (Critical Thinking):

Question and Answer

  1. Based on your quiz results, do you feel you use good critical-thinking strategies? If yes, explain using examples of why you feel this way. If no, how might you improve as a critical thinker?
  2. Choose three strategies from the chapter that you can employ to enhance your critical-thinking skills. For each of the three strategies, provide a minimum of 4 or 5 sentences discussing how you can implement each strategy as you progress through your program.

Chapter 1 Discussion

Assigned Discussion Questions: after reading all of Chapter 1, think of a specific conflict situation you experienced or observed. Analyze the situation using concepts from this chapter.  

  1. Did the conflict interaction have uncontrolled escalation or avoidance?
  2. Did the conflict go through differentiation and integration stages?
  3. What moves and countermoves did the involved parties use and did these moves affect the course of interaction in the conflict?
  4. Did the conflict interaction change the relationship?
  5. What was the climate of the situation and how did it affect the conflict interaction?

Each post should do the following:

  • Analyze the assigned discussion questions according to requirements for the week.
  • Make specific connections to the reading.
  • Posts will be made in the Canvas discussion forum 
  • Each post should be at least 3 paragraphs in length.

Sula A novel by Toni Morrison

Choose only ONE of the following options below and write a post that agrees OR disagrees with the assertion. Cite specific scenes and/or use specific quotes from the novel to support your position. Your answer should be written in no fewer than 200 words.

When you are done posting your response, reply to at least one classmate in no fewer than 75 words.

  1. Although the novel is titled Sula, the real protagonist is Nel because she is the one who is transformed by the end.


  1. While the community ostracizes Sula, it is subconsciously grateful for her presence.

Your discussion board will be graded according to the following criteria:

  • 80% – Thoughtful original post that includes specific scenes from the novel to support your position (at least 200 words)
  • 20% – Thoughtful response to a classmate’s post that elaborates on what s/he has said (at least 75 words)

NOTE: Please comply with all Netiquette Guidelines

race and racisms

 Answer the first 15 pages, or the questions up to and including “What Did I Learn About the History of Racism?”

Type your response to each and respective question in the exercises.

You may answer in Word document, or Adobe Acrobat, whichever you prefer.

Answer honestly and add as much details as you can.