Skilled writers are also skilled readers, reading often and careful

Skilled writers are also skilled readers, reading often and carefully. To support this goal, students must select one full-length, published novel to read, annotate, and build into a formal, persuasive essay. Fiction is recommended but non-fiction is also acceptable. Projects must also review more than two other scholars’ views (secondary texts) of the novel (primary text) and focus on your own arguments regarding why the novel is important. Audience: Your audience for this project can be all or some of these populations: 1. All readers in an English-speaking college atmosphere (undergrads, grad students,  teachers, administrators)2. All readers of Global English .  Instruction – length: 4 pages .Finish the book. Polish the content you have developed so far in previous drafts. Include two or more secondary sources in your draft .Include detailed and revised in-text citations, from at least three areas of the book that seem most relevant and worthy of your own creative analysis.

The Response can be:_ A short report on an eligible cultural event

The Response can be:_ A short report on an eligible cultural event,_ A written, critically aware discussion of a researched subject of interest, clearly related to interdisciplinary humanities, _ Your informed observations and critical comparison two or more works of art or fiction, or perspectives on a subject, theme, issue, or event (this is not the place to write a course overview). – Apply an approach or theory we have learned in humanities to analyze one or two well known examples of art or imaginative writing. Relate your findings to different facets of the humanities. You can include artists, thinkers or writers from our texts (although not the exact examples covered there), or propose an example. – An in-depth review or reflection on a scholarly article, famous work of art, or relevant film written in your own words, that comments on its social, or philosophical meaningfulness. – Propose something you’d like to do, that is not mentioned here to your instructor, for instructor approval. Support your points. Provide a link to event, whenever possible!Format and Submission. After typing in your horizontal header, write your extra credit response in complete sentences and paragraphs. Use paragraph breaks when you shift to another point.When you are ready to enter your text, highlight, copy and paste it in the Text Editor InBox. Proof of Attendance.  If there is no ticket or receipt, you can embed an photo of the program and you in the venue image as proof of attendance. Place your cursor where you want the image to go, then click the image icon in the menu editor menu (at the top) so you can upload what you need. – Before you post, proofread for accuracy and clarity of meaning, thenSubmit Assignment. Click the blue SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT  button on the upper right. A text box will open for you to copy and paste your response there.Length: from 300 – 600words. Credit: earn from 5 to 15 points.