You have recently appointed as a Supply Chain Management for a Fast Moving Consumers Good company. The company produces products in its home market, but it is distributing them all over the world through a network of subsidiary companies.

As your first task you need to present to the Board of Directors a report on the some key issues for your Supply Chain Strategy and more specifically on the following topics:

  1. Describe the logistics value proposition. Be specific regarding specific customer accommodation and cost for your organization
  2. Discuss availability in logistics customer service and provide examples of the different ways to monitor your firm’s performance in availability.
  3. Discuss how you suggest that you would achieve
    strategic fit
  4. Discuss they key components of working capital and
    the importance of a supply chain finance strategy
  5. Identify and discuss the major forecast components for your organization and explain why is it important to decompose demand into these components when developing new forecasts in the future


This activity must meet the following formatting requirements:

  • Font size 12
  • Double-spaced
  • 2500 words
  • Harvard Referencing System
  • pdf only


  • –  Understand the importance of supply chain management in business
  • –  Understand the impact of supply chain management decisions in business