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Book : DeVito J.A. (2020). Essentials of Human Communication 10th ED. Pearson.

Chapters: 5 Nonverbal Messages Part 1


In this discussion, you will find examples of nonverbal communication in GIF form online and discuss these examples.


  • Provide examples of messages using various nonverbal communication channels.


Step 1: In your initial post, respond to the following prompts:

  • Find four GIFs online that demonstrate nonverbal communication strategies (graphic image that moves; a .GIF file is a set of images that are looped in a specific order).
  • Write for each of the four GIF’s

1. Write three to four sentences for each image explaining what emotion or message each demonstrates and how you know it.

2. Write one sentence integrating a quote from the DeVito text.

3. Write a one paragraph summary how would human communication be different if we didn’t have nonverbal channels?