With a close up of the award, the clip begins with our view of the couple only in reflection of Malcolm’s recent award, which is made to seem meaningless as we can’t read the writing despite it being in centre of the frame. The award is in a red frame. This already seems to be warning to both Malcolm and Anna that danger could be heading their way, especially during the reflected close-up shot of the two. It also makes us wonder why this prop appears slanted on the chair.
This suggests that the award is a symbol of danger. Also, the red lighting on the couple from the fire leads us to believe that they are now the central target of a dangerous presence. Which we see in upcoming events. The only sound we hear is diegetic, though its very quiet which gives off a calm atmosphere but may also suggest we should be listening for something. In the shot where the couple are reflected in the frame, we see that she is lower down than him showing the characters importance.
A wide shot is used to show the scenery and expensive objects. We can see that they are a wealthy couple through the setting. The large living room has what looks to be expensive furnishings and an ornate fireplace as well as a grandfather clock and chandelier in the equally big hallway. We also can assume this as Malcolm is wearing a jumper with a rowing club logo, something we often associate with richer people. The couple then head upstairs and discover the house has been broken into.

The setting suddenly becomes dark and we see Anna’s shadow on the wall, She’s positioned to the right in front of the open window showing a dangerous situation, this is also hinted as her back is turned on the dark room insinuating there may be something lurking in the shadows, which is why the lighting is very low key and dull. We hear some diegetic sound though its rather quiet which helps to change the atmosphere from relaxing to a tense and suspicious one.
Malcolm approaches his wife to see what the problem is, with this we get a point of view shot, the camera examines the floor before tracking up to the smashed window, the shot lasts approximately 8 seconds and allows us to take in the situation. The phone on the ground makes a beeping noise similar to the sound of a warning alarm which should be seen as a warning in its self. The noise then dies out which links to Malcolm’s life later in the scene.
We can assume this scene is centred around Malcolm as it’s his view we’re seeing from, it’s also his bag we see on the floor sprinkled with shattered glass as well as earlier the winning of the award. A mid-shot Is used to show Malcolm being protective of his wife. As the couple have now taken off there expensive jackets/cover ups it seems they also lost the power that comes with it. 00:07:08 The camera slowly zooms towards Malcolm and straight cuts back to a point of view shot, as this happens we hear the non- diegetic music increasing the tension.
As we see Malcolm begin to move we also hear the faint noise of movement from the intruder, this (as well as the camera shot) is allowing the audience to capture that the intruder is standing in the bathroom. We see in a point of view shot to add tension as well as close ups so the audience can see the expression on Malcolm’s face. Though the distance from the bathroom and the position of Malcolm isn’t far at all 13 seconds pass before we discover who is in the room, the time has been stretched out to cause more tension.
The first view we get of the bathroom is of the floor as the shot is still from Malcolm’s point of view, the fact we see the floor before the camera moves up shows that he isn’t confident enough to look straight ahead, the shot then is then zoomed out to create a full body shot. it’s obvious the man we see (Vincent) isn’t mentally stable due to the break in, his body language and the fact he’s took the majority of his clothes off, knowing this Malcolm speaks quietly trying to keep a clam atmosphere.
As Vincent moves towards the door we hear the diagetic sound return, we also see Malcolm and his wife are aware of the danger, when Vincent moves closer and Malcolm steps back. A mid-shot frame is used when Vincent starts to become angry and upset making him unpredictable and therefore more of a risk, the pan across Vincent’s face to allow us to see the emotions and then does the same to Malcolm. Vincents body language also tells the audience how unstable he is, one arm
is ‘protecting’ him throughout, he’s also very closed and shrugged which also gives off the sense of fear. The scene becomes very quiet with the only sound being whispers and crying. A mid-shot is used as Vincent shoots the gun. High key lighting has been used to show whats going on as it’s done very quickly. The loud gunshot comes as a shock to the audience as it’s been very quiet which adds more shock, within seconds Vincent turns the gun on himself.
The camera pans while this happens. Malcolm was shot in his rowing jumper, making it ironic that he was shot right in front of his rowing photo in which they all look happy and full of life. 00:10:27 A crane movement is used to end the scene, the screen then fades black and remains silent for a moment before playing the same non-diegetic music as earlier in the scene. The lighting is very dark and the room is a mess which represents the current situation

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