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In a 1-2 page paper, introduce Tootsie Roll Industries Inc., report
on the external auditor’s report and then complete the blue cells on
tab one of the excel sheet.
Introduction: Should engage investors providing them with
information pertinent to an investment decision in Tootsie Roll
Industries, Inc. You might address a short history, company values,
company goals, product lines, industry challenges, risks and other
interesting facts. You can find much of this information on Tootsie
Roll Industries Inc. website as well as the first few pages of the
annual report. Use professional writing and correct APA format.
Auditor’s Report: Please study the document located here
before beginning this part of the course project. It will help you
understand the background of what you will be reading in the auditor’s
opinion letter.
Answer the following questions:

To whom is the letter addressed?
For what is management responsible?
For what is the auditor responsible?
Does the auditor give absolute assurance that the financials are free of material error?
What is the level of assurance given by the auditor?
What policies and procedures does a company’s internal control over financial reporting include?
Who is the audit firm that signed the letter?

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