Topic: Communicating Covid 19 and Incidence of Cases in Singapore
Paper details:

I need a comprehensive review of Related literature with proper citations/related studies, minimum of 40-50, but more will be good. This proposal should focus on risk communication. Please find below related studies where you can draw some inspirations from:

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Have also attached my term paper last semester as some topics such as singapore management of covid and some social media/misinformation subtopics can also be utilized in the RRL required for this job. You may come up with a better idea but my suggested subtopics for RRL will be:

part 1: (7 pages)
1. RRL introduction
2. What is Risk Com (in general, and in health concept, can probably cite definitions by WHO, etc, the theories of risk comm, i have found The mental noise model, The negative dominance model, The trust determination model, The risk perception model
2.risk communication in the context of covid here in singapore (how did the government communicated with the public, the measures they had in place, how the public reacted etc, effectiveness of governmental campaigns
3. the pandemic challenge to risk com
such as misinformation /infodemics/covid 19 conspiracy theories ,social media use etc, the reluctance of the public to adhere, or the public trusted Prime Minister Lee but they have difficulties adhering to the covid measures in place especially the youth (who treats covid very lightly and still go to the malls etc after school)
4..culture, leadership, level of trust
5 .risk com lapses or barriers
6. solutions for effective risk com
you may combine the aforementioned subtopics together and you can add more subtopics where you deem it to be necessary.

part 2: 2 pages
Theoretical Framework -diagram and explanation
Conceptual Framework- diagram and explanation

The frameworks in part 2 will be used to answer research questions. Research questions will depend on review of related literature. Example:
1. if i want to find out how government communicates to the public, can probably used the basic model of communication SMCRE.
2.If i want to measure the level of trust of the public towards the government, perhaps can use trust determination theory here.
The theories to be used and the entire paper must also be communicational.

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