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I’m working on a communications writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

The final version of your research paper should be 2000-2500 words long (8-10 pages double-spaced), excluding a brief personal reflection section and bibliography. The final paper should integrate comments and suggestions from the draft version of the paper. It should include a complete bibliography that includes at least 12 sources, 6 of which need to be from formal, academic, peer-reviewed books and journals. The others could be from reputed journalistic sources, trade publications, or websites.

The paper should include the following sections.

1. An introduction in which you clearly explain your topic, why it is significant and relevant, and provide some context about the topic.

2. Research Questions: Clearly identify 2-6 questions you are asking about your topic, and which form the basis for your research.

3. Theoretical Context: Identify how your topics and question relate to 2-4 theories or key concepts from the course.

4. Methods: Explain the methods you used to gather information for your paper.

5. Analysis: this will constitute the most substantial part of your paper, and should be divided into further sections that identify your main themes and arguments.

6. Conclusion: What are your key findings? What is the major conclusion you’ve drawn from your research? Summarize as clearly and cogently as possible.

7. Recommendations: What further research should be done into the topic (that you were not able to do given limited time and resources). You could also make recommendations for changes in policy or regulations in this section.

8. Personal Reflection: Your personal reflection should include anything you have learnt from doing your research: in terms of the topic, but also in terms of the research process. What did you learn about writing? What was the hardest part? What skills and knowledge have you gained that you didn’t have before? What would you do differently next time.

9. Bibliography.

This is a draft of the final research paper.

Please follow the guidelines outlined under Research Paper Final Version. The draft should be as complete as possible, and should include the different sections as outlined in the guidelines for the final draft version. It should be a minimum of 6 double-spaced pages in length. The draft will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

1. Introduction/Topic Explanation/Clarity of Research Questions

Is the topic relevant, clearly explained and contextualized? Do the research questions align well with the topic?

2. Research and Analysis

Has substantive research been conducted on the topic? Does the paper make strong arguments based on the research, and connect data back to the topic in question?

3. Writing and Grammar

Is the writing clear and cogent, in appropriate academic style? Does the paper have a structure that aligns with assignment guidelines?

4. References

Does the paper incorporate an adequate number of appropriate sources? Are they formatted correctly using a consistent citation style?