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I’m working on a social science writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

pls read and check the following paper which contains the topic that I choose and the research questions and the literature review before you start the paper. And also follow the rubric above pls. Pls do this paper based on the staff that I provided. I will pay you extra if I got 7/7. Thank you so much!

The purpose of this assignment is to describe your “recipe” for conducting the research. You must provide enough detail to the reader so that he/she knows what you are doing and how you will do it. You must include the “ingredients” (i.e., subject participants, sampling techniques, etc.) as well as the “instructions” (i.e., survey, experiment, field study) for how these “ingredients” will be used. I would expect the research statement to be 2–3 pages double-spaced. The following are generally what should be included in your discussion, but this will depend on the kind of research you are proposing:

1. Discuss the data and the research methods used to generate the data, including but not limited to addressing the following questions:

  • How was the data collected?
  • Who collected the data and for what purpose?
  • Was the data collection part of a larger initiative?
  • What was the research design?
  • Why is this data and research design reasonable to address your research question?
  • Is there precedent and justification for using this data to answer your (or a similar) research question?

2. Describe the sampling procedures and participants selected for the study, including but not limited to addressing the following questions:

  • What was the population and sampling frame?
  • What is the unit of analysis?
  • How were participants sampled?
  • What was the response rate, if appropriate?
  • Did the sampling techniques generate a representative sample?
  • What are the benefits and disadvantages of the sampling procedures (in particular with respect to addressing your research question)?
  • What is your final sample size (and how did you end up there)?

3. Include citations, where applicable.

Example: A research study is focused on the opioid use epidemic in the United States (research topic) and whether parental use of prescription drugs encourages opioid use by their children (research question).

You have decided to use data from the Overdose Data to Action (OD2A) to investigate the research question.

For #1 above, you would use documentation from the OD2A, as well as from prior studies using the OD2A, to provide information on: how the data was collected, by whom, and for what purpose (e.g., the CDC collects data on the entire population of fatal and nonfatal overdoses in all U.S. states, territories, and the District of Columbia in order to understand patterns of the opioid crisis in the U.S.); and the research design (secondary data from the CDC). You would also provide an argument for why the OD2A is appropriate to answer your research question and note any potential limitations with the data.

For #2 above, you would describe the population (all fatal and nonfatal overdoses in the U.S.) and sample; the unit of analysis (individual overdoses); the response rate; the sampling technique; the benefits and disadvantages of these procedures; and the final sample size for use in your study.

Note that some of you will use data that addresses an entire population. In this case, you might not discuss the sampling strategy (because there is none). Some of you might find it easier to discuss the data and sampling strategy concurrently (e.g., when discussing a content analysis). The point is that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to writing this section of the paper.

Citations are necessary throughout the data and participants section. Any time a statistic or fact is mentioned, a citation is needed. Any time you state your opinion, you need to support it with a citation. Any time you used someone else’s ideas (even when paraphrasing), a citation is needed. Any time you use the direct words of someone else, quotations and a citation are needed.