Assignment number 1:  1 pageSoundtrack Assignment

Karl Paulnack, renowned pianist and director of the Music Division of the Boston Conservatory, explains music’s enduring power: “music is one of the ways we make sense of our lives, one of the ways in which we express feelings when we have no words, a way for us to understand things with our hearts when we can’t with our minds.”
Under this premise, the Soundtrack Assignment challenges you to use music to make sense of a literary text. Consider the emotional, literary, and thematic registers of your selected text—and find music that corresponds appropriately. You will share your playlist with the class to help them see the text in a new way. While this might seem like an easy assignment on the surface, to do well, you must think critically and write well.
Across the pond and over a century ago, nineteen-year-old Virginia Woolf wrote in her journal: “the only thing in this world is music—music and books and one or two pictures.” Perhaps she was being dramatic (she was nineteen after all), but she was brilliant, so we’ll use her catalog to structure our assignment. Here are the three components:

Music: Select 5-7 songs that capture some aspect of your selected novel. Book: Write a justification of 100-200 words for each song explaining when the song would play and why it is appropriate to your selected novel. These explanations should make connections between specific scenes and the novel’s larger themes. Be eloquent and insightful.One or two pictures: create an album cover to represent your soundtrack. Your album art can take many forms—a photograph, drawing, or graphic design—but it should be original (not simply an image from the internet—although “fair use (Links to an external site.)” transformations of other work are acceptable). Write a 100-200-word explication of your album cover.
Assignment number 2 : 2 pagesThe paper will take the form of a blog entry. You will transform the topic of your presentation into a two-page Substack blog entry.
Your imagined audience is a diverse one, so you will want to craft an introduction that makes sense to people who might be unfamiliar with the texts we have read during the semester. For example: (Links to an external site.)
A blog format does not mean that you should be less rigorous about your writing, in some ways, quite the contrary. The content will be published and you can share it with friends and family, so you will want it to be original, reader-friendly, and impeccably written.
The topic of my presentation is a summary of what Toni Morrison herself had to say about the film (find that in the link below), combined with a couple of your own observations (you can watch the entire film on Amazon Prime, or you can base your observations just on the first half of the film