Introduction Recent studies show that the use of technology in almost every activity we daily make has become more important day by day. This also can be applied in business aspects, Like hospitality, where the customer attention Is the priority, so managers need to find the way to automation the service the best as possible. 2. 0 Analysis of Issue 2. Summary of the Issue In the article “Warning, warnings Entering bots mania”, the author Is trying to let us now the negative part of robot evolution, saying, “artificial intelligence is going to cause huge disruption, as a host of everyday functions” (Collie, 2014). The issue here is that there’s the possibility that robots can become ‘our social as well as economic superiors’, so In every business that requires technology for working, there’s the need to be sure if is necessary to keep automating the product or service, or it just can still be a real people’s job.
Despite this, technological advances go faster than we think, for example we can appreciate the evolution of the embodied systems that Interact with humans, where “the ability to interact with people in the human environment has been a recent motivator of the humanoid robotics community and the service robotics community. For systems such as these, safety and minimizing Impact on human living spaces are Important Issues, as well as the Issues of performance and ease of use” (Beebread, 2003, p. 121).
This means that automated machines are starting to be created very similar as humans, which support the theory that some day they will become in otter humans than us. 2. 2 Implications for management of virtual business Talking about our specific business, hospitality, to increase service productivity, “many companies utilize automation extensively to reduce the use of labor. However, greater use of automation does not always result In higher service quality, and the effectiveness of automation in providing service hinges on how advanced the technology level is” (Rust & Hang, 2012, p. 7). On the other hand, some people affirm that there are many others topics to take into account about the advantages ND disadvantages of human robots, like Issues of trust In automation, which “challenge macro-cognitive work at numerous levels, ranging from decision making at the policy level, to capability at the mission and organizational levels, to confidence at 1 OFF operators” (Hoffman, Johnson & Bradshaw, 2013, p. 84). 3. Conclusion Thanks to the preview information, it’s correct to affirm that the use of advanced technology in our hotels to improve the service and to reduce the costs could be a ere good solution, but it has to be correctly controlled to avoid that robots can steal human Jobs; in other words, it’s important to use the technology in a way that it doesn’t affect humans quality of life in any way, such as economical and emotional aspects, so the business can get more benefits and advantages over competitors. Reference List Collie, R. (2014, February 27). Warning, warning! Entering bots mania. The Sydney Morning Herald.

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