We will cover a great amount of information in a relatively brief period of time! When writing your weekly reading responses, you are not required to refer to all the information in every chapter. Instead, focus on what is the most interesting and relevant to you and elaborate upon those things. However it is excellent practice if you can make connections between items and concepts located in the different chapters and/or the “viewing” items.As you will not have access to edit your submissions, please compose your writings carefully and proofread before submitting. For the sake of efficiency and relative uniformity, separately attached files (other than the ones inserted into your text submission window) are strongly discouraged. PART 1. Compose and post a substantive response referencing the reading material. This initial discussion post is to be no less than 100 words discussing at least one concrete fact or idea in the reading material that is outstanding to you, and/or a related personal experience. You will be unable to view the submissions of other students until after your initial post is made. The initial post is to be submitted no later than Wednesday at 11:55 P.M.