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I’m working on a communications discussion question and need support to help me learn.

This assignment is intended to help you learn to do the following:

  • To apply the concept of display rules.
  • To identify the influence of emotion on communication competence.
  • To identify strategies for the effective communication of emotion.

Action Items

  1. View the Module Matinee Three (Links to an external site.) multimedia presentation.
    • Film Summary: Jerry and Dorothy recently married each other out of convenience. Although they are husband and wife, they are relationally distant. They are going through the motions of married life, while every other relationship depicted in this scene is, by comparison, more intimate than theirs. Jerry is passionate about his career as a sports agent but has little passion for his wife. As a result, he sends her a variety of disconfirming messages (some verbal, some nonverbal) in their bedroom discussion.

Chapter 8 discusses the factors that influence emotional experience and expression.

  1. By Thursday, answer each of these questions in a post in the discussion forum:
    1. What defines an emotionally intelligent communicator?
    2. In the clip, who might you consider an emotionally intelligent communicator? Provide an example to explain your choice.
    3. What is the communication climate in Jerry’s bedroom discussion with Dorothy. Explain why. Consider who in this scene might be an emotionally ineffective communicator. Identify the which of the “display rules” this character demonstrates and provide an example to explain your choice.
    4. Based on this module’s readings and what you have previously learned about emotional intelligence and communication competency, what changes could Jerry make to convey his thoughts, feelings, and wants more effectively to Dorothy? Review any necessary information from previous chapters to complete your response.

**In-text citations required. Please add full citation at the end of your post.

REMEMBER: You want to create a fully developed response with a logical flow rather than a list of responses to the set of prompts. You may or may not want to respond in the order they are listed here.

  1. By Sunday, read the discussion forum posts from your classmates and respond to two of them.