What Motivates You! There was a time where employees were known as just another input into the production of goods and services. What possibly changed the way of thinking about employees was research, referred to as the Hawthorne Studies, conducted by Elton Mayo. This study found employees are not motivated solely by money and employee behavior is linked to their attitudes (Dickson, 1973). Why is motivation so important in the work force and what should be done? Motivated employees are needed in our rapidly changing workplaces.
Motivated employees help organizations survive, be more productive and managers need to understand what motivates employees within the context of the roles they perform. Some are motivated by being asked for their assistance, others like to take on new challenges with a new assignment. Likewise having a role of leadership by being in command with ever decision you make with more responsibilities with minimum time. Employees are also instigated by being recognized by their values and like to be seen for their values by going and doing something together.
Also a compliment, reward or a bonus is another great way to encourage a member by congratulating them for a job well done. A way to get managers to get employee more motivated is by asking for general help, an idea or even opinions. Asking another person for help is possible the most sincere way to recognize their abilities and value as a worker. They themselves would feel useful to you and to the company knowing they are able to help out in any way or form. This might expose the manager with lack of skills and experience, but it gives the worker self confidence and an admirable feeling knowing something a higher position doesn’t know.

Few years back I use to work for Raaga, a DVD rental store for Indian movies. My manager was not so great with working on the computer and he knew I was a tech savvy in computers. He would ask me questions or get help about basic information, which I was more than happy to assist him motivating me to know something that my manager doesn’t know and makes me feel like I am an asset to have around in the store. Inquiring also shows the respect for their skills and talent that they apprehend, which leads you to greater trust in ones performance.
So not only does it motivate workers, but gain respect at the same time. Some members want attention and would be an honor to be asked for help so they can use their knowledge that they have studied to solve the problem in a different form and gives them the motivation to show what they have in them. Not only does asking for help motivate, but asking for is an idea or opinion another key way. If you admire the persons idea for instance, he/she is diligent and finish their work quickly and would like to know how they finish so efficiently.
Don’t hesitate to ask them there secret, because not only will it flourish your business, but you will also distinguish the skills and ability in a more meaningful way. By doing so, you not only helping your business, but also give your employees a way to express them of how they think and express themselves during their daily routine. Many managers and owners don’t take the time and trouble to go up to their employee that can suffer the company, along with the employees not having the encouragement to work productively. Motivation can also be found by having your employees rotating in different position within their home department.
Many small and large businesses are looking ways to improve the work design system by creating a job rotation strategy. When employees work on the same duty each day without variation, they are more likely develop boredom and carelessness, because they lose their self-esteem and motivation values. Many workers get tired doing the same task repeatedly, which can lower motivation. This not only lets the workers maneuver around at work by having new task, but will reduce the burnout reduction of being in the same position throughout the years.
Burnout is an exhaustion feeling that disintegrates businesses leading to decrease productivity, increased absences and increased of people leaving the job. Placing them in a new surrounding can change the person work behavior in an instance. They are now learning different working skills and socializing with other people in different areas of the department, which gives them the challenge to be a more skillful worker. I am currently working for Dish Network and currently we have been doing the same routine throughout the week.
So my supervisor gave me a new opportunity by placing me in new location that I have never been to before. This means meeting new customers and newer environment gives a fresher feeling and new experience giving the motivation to keep working. Having a person with different skills and talent can be a plus point for the company. Furthermore, employees that are engaged with a variety of positions throughout the company experiences increase in appreciation for coworkers and the connection between positions, which lower resentment and improve organizational commitment.
Employees at the same time will build up motivational feelings by knowing that they are a great part of an asset to the company and the team. Greater the motivation the other advantage of the job rotation is increased employee satisfaction, because business owners know when a worker are not pleased with people that endeavors. This makes them feel unmotivated, disturbed and depressed, which is disrupting productivity. Informal leadership can also put a major impact on gaining motivation.
According to Jeff Haden, author of “The 5 Best Ways to Praise Employees,” Putting an employee in a short-term informal leadership role can make a major impact. Testing their knowledge, leadership skills and managing with very little time to complete the task. An informal leadership role shows trust in your employee’s intelligence and their judgments. The more important the assignment is, the bigger the implied praise and the greater the boost to their self esteem, which ties with motivational factors.
According to Psychologist Frederick Herzberg, “Motivational factors are those elements that go above and beyond the basic maintenance factors. ” (148). It gives them the opportunity to be recognized, promoted or even be given more responsibilities. This also motivates the employees to improve their productivity. They might find out new and productive way to complete the company’s goals as well as their individual goals. When they are given a big task or project in hand the boss expects you to manage everything by yourself by gathering the right people for the task and giving out orders might give stress to a person.
But it unlocks their motivations and ambition to show they have it in them to accomplish anything for a job well done. Managers and employees are usually busy with their own work and never have the time to know one another. Knowing your employees either as a family or friend can make them feel flattered rather than being seen as just another employee at work. A good way to know your employee’s value, especially their value to you is by doing something together. It doesn’t have to be work related in general it can be something outside of work. For instance going ut for coffee or lunch break is a great way to have a conversation. Ask about their family and kids or just life in general. At the same time a manger would want to keep a minimum distance by neither being to companionable with the members, because this may disrupt the flow of productivity of work if we had employees being more laid back and coming late to work to the time they are scheduled. By doing something with an employee individually and getting to know them with the slightest attention can also increase production making them feel admired by being known personally by the boss.
Employees will automatically know their position to where they stand and will continue to do what it takes to keep the boss satisfied to be known as a valuable employee. The last source and probably the greatest source are by giving a simple compliment for a great job or even an award to show your gratitude. Money is an important factor in life, but it doesn’t always motivate them. What really motivates to perform at higher levels is being thoughtful, personal kind of recognition showing true gratefulness for job well done.
For instance when I finish my shift my supervisor gives me a positive feedback at the end of the day letting me know that I am doing a fine job. Many bosses or owners don’t give enough of these compliments to their employees after finishing any task, making them feel they haven’t done a extensive job. A boss should notice their employee’s performance, because taking someone for granted will never be a proper motivator. Giving a positive response and other forms of showing your appreciation can show great support for the right performance.
The cost is little to nothing and can be given when a good deed occurs, which is when motivation has its most effective impact. Giving a time off can also help people’s motivation. If top performers can continue to keep up with high results while working less, everybody wins. A day off doesn’t really cost the organization anything if the performance levels remain high. Coming to work day to day can be exhausting and can wear people out, which may lower motivation to continue to perform like they use to when they first started.
A day off can help a person relax, spend time with the family member and regain energy so their minds can be clearer and make accurate decision or just being rewarded by finishing the job quicker. But of course it never hurts to get extra cash in your pocket by getting a bonus in your paycheck. These are only a few ways to motivate your employees and remember what ever motivates one person might not motivate everyone else. Giving similar rewards does not motivate employees to exceed further and may ruin performance as top achievers see no reason to do the job that they are doing.
According to Continental J. Social Sciences group, study of “The Effects of Motivation on Workers Performance,” hypotenuse predicted that, “The majority who are 35 in number with 58 percent proof the significance of promotion and fairness in promoting workers performance, while 17 percent who are 10 in number resort to money likewise, 12 percent for security, 8 percent and 5 percent also subscribe for recognition and prestige respectively,” for a more motivational production.
It is important to know that motivational influence plays a very big role in the day to day task of workers in every organization. As a result it is clear that workers performance of any sort is a function of motivation getting from the organization and thereby improves and increase productivity. In view of that workers motivation matter a lot and should be concerned for both employers and the employees.
There are many ways to motivate a person and everyone has a different way of being encouraged weather its asking your employee for help, getting placed in a role of informal leadership or even going out for a coffee break getting to know each other can be a great way as well. Maneuver your employees in different departments or environment can also be another way for them to have a fresh new feeling and of course being rewarded or getting cash bonus never hurts for getting a job accomplished for a more efficient successful business.

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