Search for an article related to your future career by:

  • Accessing the University Library and searching by subject
  • Using another search tool or social media platform of your choice, such as LinkedIn or Google

 Part 2: Response

Provide a minimum 175-word response to the following questions using information from the resource you selected in Part 1: 

  • Which article did you select?
  • What was the author’s purpose for writing the article? 
  • Who was the author’s target audience?
  • How would you describe the writer’s general tone of voice? 
  • How does this author establish their credibility in this field?
  • Is this a credible source? How can you tell?
  • What other details about how the article was written stood out to you as important?
  • Identify (maybe even quote specifically) something you learned from this week’s learning activities and Chapter readings.
  • Identify some really great feedback you received in Weeks 1, 2, and 3 that will help you here.
Part 3: Resource Credit

Practice giving credit to the resource you selected in Part 1 and used for your response in Part 2. Giving proper credit to your sources builds your credibility with your audience