In this assignment, a cultural assessment will be performed examining critical factors in cultures where Autocratic Leadership is prevalent vs. Servant Leadership

In writing this 1600 word paper you will:

(1) Critique an Autocratic Leadership culture that is in an organization in the United States or in another country providing a detailed assessment. Some factors to include in your cultural assessment, among others, are gender and diversity.

(2) Discuss the method used in your assessment, and explain why you chose certain factors to assess.

(3) Explain what each assessment result means to the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization according to scholarly literature, and the Bible.

(4) Contrast Autocratic Leadership theory with Servant Leadership theory.

(5) What would Jesus do in an organizational environment where Autocratic Leadership is common and accepted?

(6) Provide your personal recommendations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization in this type of culture.

(7) Provide new thoughts related to this topic.

This paper must include at least 10 references in addition to the course textbook and the Bible