You rеcentlу did а research paper for me on “Providing Mental Health Care to Veterans in Rural Areas”. What I need is an “Executive Summary on the Above Paper by answering the following questions:

1. Introducton, by Clearly defining the TOPIC (What Is Health Care In Rural Areas? (This introduction requires more than 2 paragraph).

2. Why is this topic or subject important today in health care for Veterans?

3. Why would a topic such as “Ethical Care” be of importance in the culture of medical care where mental health is concern?

4. Who and Why would one be interested in such a topic?

5. How does this health care service affect or compare to every day ethical health care? — does ethical care for Veterans impacts the rural areas as compared to urban areas? (More than one paragraph is required to summarize this question).

6. How does the APA Code Of Ethics TIE into my original paper in similarities and contrast using SECTION “A” and SECTION “B” of the APA Code of Ethics.

7. What 2 recommendation can the Department of Veterans use to educate, and expand health care in rural areas.

8. Conclusion. Please note that I am requesting my Executive Summary to be sent as a WORD DOCUMENT. Any other method I will not be able to retrieve. Pls ensure my request is followed.